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When you have cargo that needs a constant temperature above or below freezing, you need a dependable and experienced freight forwarder who can provide you with refrigerated freight transportation services to and from virtually any location in the world. Ocean reefer units are equipped with an air-cooled condenser that switches on automatically from cooling to heating operation if a change of the outside temperature makes it necessary. APT Logistics offers multiple ocean shipping options for temperature-sensitive cargo including 20′, 40′, and 40′ HQ containers.

Refrigerated containers (also known as reefer containers) are used when certain goods, such as; fruit, flowers, vegetables, meat and dairy products need to be transported at a constant low temperature. Refrigerated containers have a fully integral refrigeration machine which is capable of holding internal temperatures between +25 & -25 degrees centigrade. They are available as 20ft and 40ft containers designed to ISO regulations.

When refrigerated containers are at freight terminals they are connected to the terminals power supply, whilst travelling on a vessel the containers are connected to the ships power supply system, alternatively they can be fitted with ‘power packs’ which use diesel generators to power the cooling system, these generators are also used when the container is being transported by road or rail.

Refrigerated containers can also be equipped with hook rails which meat and other goods can be neatly hung from.

Refrigerated containers are also available as high cube refrigerated containers.

Refrigerated Container Specifications:-


20ft Refrigerated Container

40ft Refrigerated Container

Max. Gross Weight 30,480kg (67,200 lbs.) 32,500kg (71,650 lbs.)
Tare Weight 3,000kg (6,610lb) 4,920kg (10,846lb)
Max. Payload 27,480kg (60,590lb) 27,480kg (60,803lb)
External Dimensions:
Length 6.05m (19′-10″) 2.192m (40′-0″)
Width 2.43m (8′-0″) 2.43m (8′-0″)
Height 2.59m (8′-6″) 2.59m (8′-6″)
Internal Dimensions:
Length 5.45m (19′-10″) 11.57m (37′-11″)
Width 2.29m (8′-0″) 2.29m (8′-0″)
Height 2.59m (8′-6″) 2.59m (8′-6″)
Lashings/ Bottom Rail 4 Pieces/ Side, 6 Pieces/ Side 6 Pieces/ Side
Loading Line (Height) 2.19m (7′-2″), 2.15m (7’3/4″) 2,457 mm (8′)
Door Opening:
Width 2.29m (7′-6″) 2.29m (7′-6″)
Height 2.26m (7′-5″) 2.26m (7′-5″)
Cubic Capacity 28.4m3 (1,017 ft.3) 59.8 m3 (2,111.8 ft.3)


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