By on February 8, 2016

Demand for heavy equipment used in construction, earth moving, mining and forestry is increasing worldwide. APT LOGISTICS meets all your special requirements for faster clearance and fewer delays.

We are experts at handling over sized, heavy, and high-value equipment. You can count on our expertise, specialized equipment, and precise handling in moving over-dimensional cargo safely and on budget.


The heavy equipment market has changed. There’s more competition, increasing commoditization of products and more environmental regulation. Shipments of new and used equipment are increasing. Parts shipments are soaring. Logistic International makes it easier, with expert knowledge and a full set of services.


APT LOGISTICS ensure cheaper, quicker and safe means of transportation for all your ODC, Heavy lift cargo.


About Bala Iyer

Bala Iyer is the principal founder and owner of APT Logistics, having extensive background expertise in this area who has serviced large scale operations to individual assignments. His company commenced operations in 1998. His dedicated team each bring their own expertise in the fields of airfreight,ocean freight,warehousing,customs liasoning to clearance and execution of turnkey projects. The company can boast of an extensive network of agents and industry specialists who are driven to provide comprehensive logistic solutions throughout the country and overseas as well.